Texas is home to the oil industry, providing hard working people with honest jobs.

The oil refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast have long been the backbone of many of our communities.

However, the tragedy of an oil refinery explosion can end in death, chemical exposure, illness, injury, or skin damage from burns.

Were You Injured in a Refinery Accident?

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC has successfully represented many families and refinery workers that have suffered loss due to a refinery injury and/or explosion.

Don McClure and his firm have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to bring some piece of mind to those victims of refinery explosions

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC can help you in the following cases:


Chemical Explosion


Illness related to refinery work


On the Job Injury





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The Houston Law Office of Don E. McClure Jr. takes pride on providing individual attention to each case.

The Right Firm Makes All the Difference.

Don E. McClure, Jr. demands that you get what you deserve by establishing the facts of your case and ensuring that insurance companies comply to the rules. You and your family deserve to receive the settlement you are justly entitled to.

Our firm has extensive experience with taking on the oil industry and their top attorneys. That means that Don E. McClure Jr. has been taking on big oil and big-time oil lawyers for awhile. He is regarded as aggressive and knowledgeable as to oil refinery injury and explosion cases.

Common Types of Injuries

Back Injuries

Refinery Injury Incidents

Wrongful Death

Brain & Head Injuries

Neck Injuries

Broken Bones Injuries

Blindness Injuries

Slip & Fall Injuries

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The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC fights for the hardworking refinery workers of Texas. If you have suffered loss due to an oil refinery explosion, contact us today to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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